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Titan University - Sponsorship Secrets Book

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We are proud to announce the release of our first edition book from Titan University "The Sponsorship Secret Book". This is a book we have been working on for a while, and it's designed to walk you through getting, maintain, and growing a fishing sponsorship step-by-step.

This book goes in depth from a business perspective, and also interviews 10 TOP PRO anglers to get their inside secrets on providing value and landing larger deals throughout your fishing career.

This pre-order deal will include a hard copy of the book, along with templates and worksheets to put together your "Angler Sponsorship Deck". We also show you how to setup, maintain, and grow social media accounts. It's all about providing value, and you have to complete with traditional advertising methods so this book gives you the edge against other anglers and shows you how to assemble a professional sponsorship package. 


Topics Include:

  • Understanding Staff Levels
  • What Sponsors Expect
  • Overview of Online Advertising 
  • Analysis of Advertising Metrics
  • How to Provide Value
  • Building and Growing Successful Social Media Account
  • Understanding Social Media Metrics
  • Maintaining the sponsor relationship
  • Effective communication with sponsor companies
  • Building an "Angler Value Deck"
  • Designing Quarterly Value Statistics