Tungsten Nail Weights

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Titan Tungsten Neko Nail Sinkers are a great asset to have in an angler's terminal tackle box. Due to tungsten being a dense material, a user can get the weight of the Nail Sinker needed without the bulk. The Neko Nail Sinker can be useful for adding weight to soft jerkbaits or any other bait when just a little bit of weight will help. An excellent choice when Neko Rigging or wanting a different action with a Wacky Rigged worm.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lead Free
  • 97% Tungsten
  • Lots of size options
  • Designed to stay in place.


Per Pack Quantity:

  • 3/64oz : 7 pcs
  • 1/16oz : 6 pcs
  • 5/64 : 5 pcs
  • 3/32 : 5 pcs
  • 7/64 : 4 pcs