USA - Tungsten Polymer Weights
USA - Tungsten Polymer Weights

USA - Tungsten Polymer Weights

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Made in Alabama, from start to finish.  This is our solution to replace harmful lead fishing weights. Introducing, our new Bio-Tungsten fishing weight. It's density is between lead and pure tungsten, allowing us to lower prices making a more affordable lead replacement. 

Available in the following sizes: (Feb 2023)

  • 1/16oz
  • 3/32oz
  • 1/8oz
  • 1/4oz
  • 3/16oz
  • 3/8oz
  • 5/16oz
  • 1/2oz

Quick Facts:

  • Bio-Degradable ((PATENT PENDING)): After years of research we have perfected the use of bio-polymers allowing us to bring this sustainable solution to market.
  • Tungsten Polymer. This is another industry first from Titan. This new polymer tungsten weight series was designed to be a more affordable price point than our Pro-Series. 
  • CAD Designed in house at Titan Tungsten. Features a smooth shape with a slight increase in the inside bottom of the weight where the knot and hook come in contact. This helps fit the bait better and cause less stress on the knot. 
  • USA Sourced Tungsten Raw Material. We purchase all of our material here domestically, and certify that all materials are sourced conflict free. 
  • Produced in Alabama. From Raw material to the finished product, these weights are the first to be made in the USA.  From production to packaging, we put pride into knowing we are making a difference and bringing jobs back to Alabama.
  • All sizes to come! We are currently manufacturing to meet 2023 retailer demand, but will be adding all other sizes to our website weekly.
  • (3) THREE (1/4oz) WEIGHTS PER PACK. 
  • $2.50 Cheaper per pack than pro-series tungsten weights.